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In recent memory what is the most outrageous News Story you have heard recently? 

Mine is a 28 Y/O midget in Dublin was arrested for extorting sex from random women claiming he was a Leprechaun.  When arrested the Gardia found 6 different  Leprechaun outfits in his apartment.  Here is the read

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3 Answers

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You went for sex and humour. Me? The recent incident in Streatham London. A 20 year old terrorist who was under surveillance by police stabbed 3 folk and then got shot dead by police.

It turns out he was jailed in 2018 for terrorism and got out!!#???!@

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One that has always stood out for me was an idiot that spiked his friends drink with anti-freeze to teach him a lesson. The bloke ended up blind and deaf.

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That mother who killed her two little boys, and said a black man in a red t-shirt did it.


Not what I was looking for.  Look at the original post my  dear


Same social.

Or, I could say that a doctor, one of eight, was quick to point out about the virus plaguing China, and upon doing so, he got arrested?

Now does that one tickle your fancy????

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