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+2 votes

HS2: Government to give high-speed rail line the go-ahead

in In the News by (3,883,681 points)

3 Answers

+2 votes

Except Scotland who will have to pay its share which is added to the defecit that exists because Westminster spends money and tells us its  good for us.

The H2S isnt even going to Scotland 

by (2,928,200 points)

Yes I know. Funny that.


And again a disclaimer. It's not your fault.


Thanks. Not a problem.


It is division of labor.  England rides, Scotland pays.  

Seems fair.

Maybe the trumpster can get the line extended to his golf course?  Especially if it can burn coal.


Someone planted a Mexican flag on the edge of his golf club. Got to  love that humour 


Yes indeed.  Hahaha.  They should have put a tiny piece of fence next to it.


I didn't know that!  Which golf course, the one in New Jersey or at Mar-a-lago- a gogo?  What a name. 


The one in Scotland.  


Yes Amy the one here in Scotland 


Ah, I forgot about that one. You know he has all these businesses around the world, in case his millions run out. Gotta keep up the image, you know. He had casinos in Atlantic City, NJ, too.  Due to his bankruptcies they were closed. 

   And that is why he wanted to open a tower in Moscow with his name. But that fell through when it was found out. 


His Scottish golf course was losing money hand over first until the Military started using it when Trump got elected.

He still owes contractors and tax on it.


They should demolish it. Just for fun.


Belle, he isn't going to pay them. He has a habit of not paying workers and gets away with It. 

+2 votes

This makes no sense.  I could see London to Edinburgh or Glasgow.  WTF why Birmingham or Manchester

by (2,839,380 points)
+1 vote

Are they making a stop in downtown Dudley?

by (748,880 points)

Yeah. Right outside my front door.

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