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Trump says he has right to act on criminal cases

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6 Answers

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Trump is following all the steps that a tin pot dictator takes to2 consolidate his power. If Americsns dont get out and vote against him in November it will be too late.

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I am U.S. citizen, born and raised in New York City and will spend the rest of my life in New York City.

With that being said it really is scary with what is happening. Trump really has to be stopped and voted out. The only one that can defeat Trump is Bloomberg (who btw is a New Yorker like me).


(1) Trump lies
(2) he is a racist. If he is so concerned with border security then why isnt he building a wall on the Canadian border. Why is it only on the Mexican border. Drugs can come from any place and from any country at any time.
(3) he wants the United States to be white.
(4) if he is innocent he would want as many witnesses and documents as possible at the impeachment trial.
(5) he also threatens and/or fires people who disagree with him. That is what a dictator does. Yes a President can fire but he fires people for revenge.
(6) he hasn't done one thing to benefit the United States The only thing he accomplished is dividing the United States..
(7) he says it is my way or the highway

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Bernie Sanders is also a New Yorker, born in Brooklyn, like me. I'm hoping if Bloomberg doesn't get in, you will vote for whichever Democrat is running. I'll vote for Mary Poppins, anyone but him. 


I feel rhe same way you do.  Do you still live in Brooklyn?. I grew up in the Bronx From 1955 (year I was born) then moved to Queens in 1973 and been living in Queens ever since 


I was actually born in Brooklyn and raised in Manhattan. My mom was transferred to give birth in Brooklyn in an emergency; there were no beds available at the time in a hospital in Manhattan, so I was nearly born in an ambulance. I've been in NJ since I was 17 after graduating high school. 

   I had cousins living in Brooklyn, and I do have a friend in Queens from high school. 


Where in the City  (Manhattan) did you grow up? What is your friends name in Queens? Where in Queens did they live? 


I grew up on the lower East side near Delancey. My friends name is Dorothy I. I'm not sure where in Queens she is, but she is still there. I don't know much about Queens or Staten Island except a few things. 


I used to go down to the lower Eastside when I was a teenager. Delancey Street was awesome.


Yes Delancey was also very close to the Essex Street market, which was huge. Ratners Bakery, with its famous cheesecakes. No longer there. :(  I remember my brother coming home with some treats from there..

   My high school was near there too. We had people from all over Manhattan, and of course other places, like Queens.  

   Is it true Brooklyn had the best pizza in all 5 burroughs?  :D


I loved Ratners.

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He is stepping over his boundaries as leader and taking over the judicial part of the govt. Barr and the White House is allowing it. Pretty soon, he may even refuse to step down or declare martial law to avoid stepping down. America needs to wake up to what's truly happening whether you like him or not. 

by (948,390 points)

So true

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He is not wrong.  Repug senators have anointed him king with no checks.  AG Barr is his doormat who will bend the law as he wants it.  ICE is his SS group.  I suspect that it won't be long before he cancels the election.  Why bother with elections?  He isn't leaving anyway.

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Trump doesn’t “think” he’s above the law, he IS above the law. He has been allowed to break our laws repeatedly with absolutely no consequences.  As long as the GOP controls either the House or the Senate, Trump will not be held accountable no matter what he does. 

That’s why, even if Trump wins in November, the Dems can neuter him if we take control of both branches of Congress. We can even impeach again for the crimes he’s committed AFTER being acquitted for the first impeachment. And then we can remove his sorry ass. 

by (2,358,010 points)
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Write in and vote for Vincent D'onofrio. He would make a wonderful and exciting potus.

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