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What was a U-Boat (use full German name)? Why was there a

problem with them being in the ocean?

How is the Assassination of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand the

‘powder keg’ that sets off the war?

What were the matters of:

a. Trench Warfare b. new technology c. Remember the Lusitania

d. The Zimmerman Note e. Schlieffen Plan

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4 Answers

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Do some research and find out.  

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This should all be in your text book.

In case you’ve lost yours there is Google.

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Won't you be my neighbor?

SURE you will!

Can you spell G-O-O-G-L-E?

SURE you can! 

Have a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

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1)  Uran-Bootsbombe - 1A) problem: radiation reaction with salt water

2)  The Bolsheviks were embolden to invade the Netherlands as a result.

3A)  Klebold joined the trenchcoat Mafia and massacred innocents

3B)  TV changed the way people got news

3C)  It sank after hitting an iceberg 

3D)  A Mexican prostitute wrote a love note to Himmler embarrassing the French

3E)  An attempt by German Generals to surrender to Poland.

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The Bolsheviks? 


Hey, I was feeling flippant about these homework questions.  Gotta to keep 'em guessing...



Yes I kind of got that lol

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