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What physical features are the same? What physical features are different?

in Diet and Health by (50 points)

6 Answers

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Wow... if you don’t know... I don’t know what to tell you!

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+4 votes

One of them turns into a handsome Prince if you kiss it.

by (2,971,010 points) 1 flag
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You can do this yourself. You don’t need us to answer for you. Just stop and think about what things these two animals have in common and what things they don’t. ( I just gave you a hint - they are both animals.) 

by (2,381,030 points)
+1 vote

Here's a bonus hint: Cats are warm blooded, frogs are cold blooded. 

by (947,630 points)
+2 votes

Frogs are mostly amphibious, cats are most haters of water.  

Cats will eat frogs, frogs will not eat a cat.  

Cats purr, frogs do not.

They both have similar physiology.  Hearts, blood, brains, nerves, etc.

Neither of them care much about what people think of them, except people seem to like cats and not frogs.

When eaten, they probably both taste like chicken.

by (1,475,090 points)

“When eaten, they probably both taste like chicken.” 

OMG. You made me snort coffee out my nose. Bravo! 


You are welcome. Lol

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One has fur,  the other is hairless. One has whiskers, the other none. One is small in size, the other larger. One has 2nd eyelids and the other does not. 

   They both have the same vital organs to live. Both have 4 extremities. Both have vocal chords to make sounds.

by (972,800 points)
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