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Very true.  When you know that you are in a high risk group and may very well die from this in the next few weeks, it makes you think about everything.  Like a warm sunny day on the ski slope. Or walking the dog.  Or a nice glass of wine.  I have been drinking the good stuff.  No.use saving it for someone watching the funeral.  

You think about everything as it might be your last.

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Yes. People have been thinking a lot about panic buying toilet roll.

Life is what you make it.

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I call them the panicked public.Everyone is going a little crazy. I still don't understand the toilet paper thing. I could understand cigarettes, coffee, eggs, or milk. But it seems like food would come before the tp.

People need to remain as calm as possible and not spread any rumors. Prepare yourself for quarantine and/or a shutdown. Do so by taking only what you need and saving some for your neighbors, family, and friends. Otherwise, it will turn into  knockdown fights. We don't need that right now. Things are scary enough. We should help our fellow humans and not hoard things away from  them.

Things should have been rationed when it first started getting out of hand. Only thing I can think of that happened about the tp is that someone started it as a hoax and it makes sense to have some, but how much do you need? My neighbors all know that I will share with them if they need it.

Just follow directions and take precautions. Things will most likely. get worse before they get better. If they have lockdown, which they already have in some states, then marshall law goes into effect. It is has already started with the national guard being called in.

Say a prayer for those who still have to work and be away from their families. As a matter of fact say a prayer for deliverance from this awful disease.I

May God Bless us all!!

I know what I have given you. I do not know what you have received. ~Antonio Porchia

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You are absolutely so right. About the pani, people will panic, its only their nature. But they need to think wisely as well.


I agree. They have finally started to ration things out. The trucks are getting thru now and the stores are stocking some things. They are also letting seniors in  an hour earlier than others.  That way they can get in and out and not come into contact with others. You would be surprised how empty the stores are now. I guess everyone stocked up earlier. Where do you live and is this going on there. I pray you are ready for it girl.

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****One of the onset symptoms of the virus is diarrhea.  But not all literature states this because it's not entirely common with every case.****

Hence, the toilet paper.  But I never thought people would stoop to this.

Ever since my wife lost her sister last year, that sobering experience taught us to enjoy what we have, while thinking about what tomorrow brings.  It was a very abrupt tragedy,  similar to Kobe Bryant.   That was perspective for us.  

Every precaution you take won't guarantee you won't contract the virus.  Hell, what will wearing a mask do?  It's more for the infected person to contain the germs than keeping an uninfected person from catching it.  I've seen so many complain about those who aren't wearing masks in public, but they're complaining about the wrong people. 

Washing hands?  What good is that against an AIRBORNE virus?  Containment is key.   But as long as selfish people want to prove they can do what they want, against recommendations to stay inside, I'd say we're basically all going to be carriers at some point.

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You are so right about the masks it does no good if you aren't sick yet..Many of those already infected do not even wear them. What ppl don't know is that just because you get infected  doesn't mean you will die. Except the sick and elderly.I am in until they say it is ok to go out. I fit in with the high  risk group and don't want to chance anything. Besides I don't drive nor have a car. I have to depend on others. But I believe I have all that I will need.

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That's just bad reporting according to the great orange one who leads the world.

When you look out at the eorld leaders its not just scary, its terrifying 


Im really scared :(

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