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what can i do to be with you

in Daily Life by (100 points)

4 Answers

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Turn into a slice of cake.

Life is what you make it.

by (3,817,291 points)
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Currently off the market however keep talking I like the thought.  In reality how good are you with running and Labradors or reading Dr. Seuss countless times?

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

by (2,821,380 points)

Reading Dr Seuss? You should hire Senator Ted Cruz! 


JPT I like neither Teds looks or politic - call me a sexist liberal. 

K is starting to read along with me, I believe she will be reading before her brother.

W is being a typical boy, challenging is sister and getting beat up for it. 

They both are smart well behaved kids, better than I could have hope for.  I have asked for a R2D2 unit to take over reading Dr. Seuss etc.  I am told the parts are being diverted to make ventilators........ Hmmmmm

How are you doing in AZ in this pandemic?


I am great at both. Here’s my plan. Toddlers are suspended from my kitchen beams by bungee cords thru their overall’s. They get vegetables at two meals covered by cheese. After reading hour they are swiveled around to watch my 55” tv. with kids shows. The Residents get Kong’s filled with treats then brushing massaging!

How ya doing, amongst all the shut down on travel?


In the kitchen?  That’s generous. I was more thinking of suspending them from the clothesline out back...They could play outside to their hearts content but not run off. 

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Well, let's see... First, you'd have to drive over to my house.  I don't know how far that would be.  Do you need some gas money?  I could pitch in a few bucks, I suppose.  Where do you live?  I'll figure up the mileage and drive time for you.

by (705,530 points)
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Wow, that's quite the offer.  Assuming you're at least 18, yeah, come on over, we'll figure something out.  

by (918,210 points)
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