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My boyfriend of 4 years is also the father of my two children . 

We took a break because we both had trust issues while i was pregnant with the most recent child. He did admit he had a fling with a woman for four months while i was pregnant, but i couldn’t be too mad because we were I’m not together. But since we’ve been back together I’ve caught him checking up on this girl every day. He texts her and asks her about her day like clock work every day.

He called her gorgeous through some text messages. I also saw him asking to come see her and asking could they FaceTime. He told her he loved her too. I saw one text where he told her he hated me and hoped he didn’t see me while they went out

But this is a 4 month fling he claimed

TL:DR; caught text from boyfriend being close with fling he had while we was on break

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4 Answers

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Yikes. You’re with a cheater and liar. You just have to decide whether or not you can live with that. He won’t change, he’ll continue lying to you. 

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I don't know what the mutual expectations were while you were on "break" but now that your back together it seems pretty obvious he's still carrying on with her.  If there weren't kids involved I'd say, drop him now.  Even with kids involved you really ready to put up with that?  He's a liar and at least hoping to be a cheat.

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He literally begged for me back only to continue to talk to me. He begged to start a family with me. I’m so lost and confused 

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After reviewing all the posts you've had over the past month...

All I can say is that you two deserve each other.  I feel bad for the children you keep having.  They deserve better, I think. 

But I could be wrong.

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So, your being fucked.  In every sense of the word.

You are having problems in a relationship with an asshole, and you decide get pregnant by him.    Thats fucked up.   Then, you decide to take a break from him, and he finds another woman to fuck.  Now you are both fucked.  He tells her that he hates you, probably true, and is single, which is technically true.  

I don't know why you couldn't be mad.  I would have been livid.  You are pregnant with his kid, and he is immediately over putting his penis into another woman.  That isn't a trust builder.  It just shows him as a lying sack of shit that he is.

And incredibly, you welcome him back after he tells you a few lies.  Now, of course, he is fucking you both. What is wrong with you?  

If you continue with this, you are just one of a harem.  It is only a matter of time until the other woman is pregnant, you are surrounded by screaming kids and he is out fucking number three.

Please break the cycle.  Kick his ass out, get some counseling, and have a court hold him accountable so he helps financially.  Although my bet is he is never going to pay.

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