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+1 vote

It would be much more satisfying if he got his head blown off.

Every time I see him I imagine the back of his head splashed over that flag he  humped..

But not in a bad way of course  .......

in Entertainment by (2,967,900 points)

3 Answers

+2 votes
Best answer

You'll be on another list you will.

by (3,926,611 points)

I'll never get to go to Montana. 


You hoping to be a dental floss tycoon? 

+2 votes

It would not be a total tragedy if he died of anything.  I am personally hoping for a heart attack from taking junk drugs. Hydroxacloriquin.  Its true, I don't know how to spell it and my spell checker was of no help.

by (1,472,130 points)
+1 vote

Best cases scenario he gets a bad case mid October and is in the ICU on election day.

by (947,430 points)
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