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Phew, thank goodness for that cause all those PhD scientists have said itll be around until at least next summer.

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4 Answers

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The dude should go on Who wants to be a millionaire with Tarrant. Is that your final answer.

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Except he couldn't phone a friend


lol Right. Shame about that.

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I heard that too.  He gets all of his smarts from his father.  We can be grateful that such astute, intelligent people are running this government. Without them telling us, we might not know when day was and when night was.

It is such a shame and waste of money that some people study a subject, get a Phd on the subject, become a respected authority on the subject, when all they had to do was look up trumpskies ass and pull out what they needed.

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At least when Eric and Don Jr are talking, they’re not killing endangered animals for fun. Let ‘em both continue to yap away and make assholes out of themselves. 

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And yet our “experts” have opined:

You don’t need a mask! It doesn’t stop the virus.

2.2 million people in the US wiI’ll die in the 1st wave.

And the latest is... The virus isn’t as communicable on surfaces as they thought!

By those standards Trump and son could be epidemiologists! Lol!

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Aww bless. Do you know the difference between my post and yours? Everyone has seen the source of mine and you just write random stuff.

My source for this post is fox and friends Judge Jeanine interview with Eric  Trump. 

Out of the horses mouth so to speak. 

Now I dont claim to be an expert, I was just a social worker,  I can't speak for a career shop girl, they may have as much qualifications as a PhD scientist. But I suspect not.


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