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Just found this. It's been years. Not sure if anyone here will remember me.

How old school do we go?

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2 Answers

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2005. who the hell are ya? And how the hell are ya? :D

My name was jillopo on the other site.

by (20,830 points)
That was right towards the end.
I am Me, Lee37

2015 was the end I believe - 2005 was a few years from the beginning -2002 I believe is when it was born. 

I vaguely remember a Lee37 but it's been a few years 


Yeah I stopped engaging a whole lot after 2010. Then the site was gone. No idea why I decided to look something up with it.

I hate to admit it, even then I recognized people more by their profile pic than names. Ya know?

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Hi! Welcome to AOR. It’s a nice place to hang out.

I had the same screen name on old Answerology as I have here. I joined in 2007. Lee37 rings a bell for me - hmmmm...

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Ah yes I remember you I believe. How ya been?

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