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Why are we allowing these donkey pits to post all of these "do my homework for me" questions?  How about screening the questions or posting guidelines to see if the poster has legitimately tried to do the work first and needs actual assistance?  Or just allow them all to be flagged and removed immediately....

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7 Answers

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Aww no Media, there goes my plan to go back to school and get aor to do my work for me, I thought all I had to do was show up for my certificate 

No man has a  right to fix the boundary to the march of a Nation...

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+3 votes

They would normally be considered spam. But I'm feeling generous.

Life is what you make it.

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Come now Media, don't spoil the fun. :). I especially enjoy the math ones. Keeps the neuro transmitters active. Besides, we don't have Wake to entertain us. ;)

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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Kind of makes you miss the penis questions doesn't it.?

I don't mind helping, but I feel bad that I mostly don't even understand the question, let alone any answer.

My help should always carry a warning about the source.  But then they get pretty much what they pay for.

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+2 votes

Telling them to do their own homework is kind of fun. It’s like they think we can’t figure out why they’re asking...

by (2,298,850 points)
+2 votes

I didn’t think we got kids around these parts anymore 

Gay Author. Left Wing. Jewish Witch.

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I'll give them suggestions or a link to potentially get answers from or try to put the questions in terms they'll understand what is being asked if I can quickly.  It's amazing how a simple Google search will often provide good information.  

Many of the requests are worded so poorly I really don't even know what they're asking.  Others are so technical you wonder why they think anyone on here could help.  I've also been known to occasionally give ridiculous answers just to screw around. 

Hey, we need all the traffic here we can get, so, maybe it's worth humoring them a bit.   

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