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My long term boyfriend left me and i was okay with it. It was somewhat mutual. I didn’t cry or beg for him to stay with me so it’s been about 4 months and he’s dating someone else. Which I’m fine with. We broke up on good terms that’s why i wasn’t upset. But he contacted me the other day saying he misses our friendship then asked has any guy tried to talk to me yet. He sent me selife’s of hisself and then asked me to send him selfies back. He then said “i still love you sweetie”

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6 Answers

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It sounds like he’s trying to open the door to getting back together with you. Maybe he thinks that claiming “friendship” is the way to do it. I bet his current squeeze isn’t working out, and he doesn’t want to be alone. He’s hoping to get back together with you - but only until “someone better” comes along. 

I admit I’m suspicious by nature - I certainly don’t trust this kind of “gamey” behavior and I definitely think he has ulterior motives. If it was me, I’d tell him I am not interested in maintaining a friendship with him and he needs to stop contacting me. 

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totally agree

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Go back and read all the posts and the advice you've received about your love life and boyfriends over the last six months or so.  That should answer your questions.

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Could he be  horny, Baby?

I know he isn’t Austin Powers, but the thought crossed my mind.

The Leftists have left us!

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maybe he realizes that dumping you was the worst thing that he could have ever done ! thanks

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if he knows you moved on and he doesnt  like the idea ..Maybe his REBOUND  relationship is failing as most do So he sees ypu with some one else ..If he "Still" Loves you why did he dump you ..Bullshit no one can tell you what to do but dont reply he left and know he wants back..its to feeg his Ego i feel ..i dont know but its not positive for sure ..Do the right thing for you If all was well on his end i bet you anything he would not bother . Good Luck its all about you know..

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He's horny and figures he can sweet talk you into something.  You're an easy target for him.  

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