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Im so sorry America, how many more ways can that man embarrass you?

in Entertainment by (2,943,920 points)

4 Answers

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Hey! The man correctly identified a picture of an elephant! He’s gotta be a genius. I mean - who else could do that??

by (2,357,050 points)
+2 votes

“Perfect score”

Biden couldn’t identify God.... he said “You know the thing”

Oh Lord help us all!!

by (752,410 points)

Lady, you do know it wasnt an IQ test font you? It was the test they gave my mum when she got alzeimers, and guess what? She passed. The disease actually killed her in tge end.


Yes of course. Having a bit of fun with the “Perfect score”

My dad took one when he had Alzheimer’s. He didn’t fair as well Mostly elementary pictures of “things” for him to name.

Biden has skipped a beat... and I wonder how much his brain aneurysm effected him. But he wouldn’t be the first President to do so. He does fine on teleprompter as does Trump.


I dont know much about Biden, its tRump  I cant stand. Ill check out Bidens foreign policy, thats all I'm usually interested in until tRump.


He seems to think China is no threat! Lol.. Wonder why?? Hunter thinks their fine too.


China a big problem? What about Russia and North Korea, in which the latter is spiffing up on it's nuclear weapons? And the two are chummy. No threat there? The president loves them. 


I’m appalled by the ridicule of Biden’s gaffes by people who excuse Trump’s numerous incomprehensible word-salads and inability to speak in complete, logical sentences over the course of his campaign and term as POTUS. 

Biden isn’t a great speaker but he’s not mentally deficient or unintelligent. You cannot say the same of Trump. 

As for Hunter Biden, I’d love to hear why the GOP couldn’t have cared less about him until Joe Biden became a threat to Trump’s re-election. The GOP had control of the WH, the  house and senate for 2 years and not once was Hunter Biden mentioned. 

In addition, Hunter Biden has not done half of what Ivanka Trump has  done in regards to getting favors from foreign governments and making huge sums of money off them. Why do Trump supporters ignore that? 

As for China, it wasn’t one of the Bidens who begged Xi Jinping for help winning the 2020 election. It was Donald Trump. 



I love ya anyway!


I think Biden is way out of Trump's league for talking complete shite.


L4U, back at ya! 


Trump supporters will excuse and ignore anything that the president does, that is inexcusable should anyone else do the same. Why is that?  If you had them hear what Trump said or did without revealing his identity, all of them would dislike him. 


Amy, that reminds me of all the people who despise “Obamacare” but thoroughly approve of the ACA. ( For those who don’t know, “Obamacare” is the nickname for the ACA.) 


Exactly. The Affordable Care Act is Obamacare but the Reps are too thick to know it. If it was also called Trumpcare they'd accept it. 

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Translation:  "I had to take a test the other day because so many people are alarmed by my erratic behavior and decision-making.  So I took a test--I forget the name of it--but it was a test to measure whether someone has increasing signs of dementia.  And guess what?  I PASSED!!!! I PASSED!!!  I GOT ALL THE QUESTIONS RIGHT!!! THIS MEANS I'M A GENIUS!!!!"

So we know that the President may have passed a test of whether he is suffering from increasing signs of dementia, or he forgot the results.

by (756,320 points)
+2 votes

GB Trump is an embarrassment to the human race.  Now as far as the test if a syphilitic idiot can pass it that does tell you something does it not

by (2,843,120 points)
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