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There is something called Street food, a documentary on street food vendors that has been on before. They have a new series now, and I'm enthralled with the one on Latin America, episode 3.  From Mexico to Peru, Columbia,  and other countries, these are narrated by people whose love for food has made them create a life for themselves selling what they love best. Humble beginnings, but flourishing now is how it best describes them. 

   My favorite,  a Japanese descent Peruvian man who has his own small restaurant now, by the name of Toshi. I mean to go there one day just to try out his food!

   All are in Spanish with English subtitles. So interesting!  If you haven't seen them yet I strongly recommend it. 

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2 Answers

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I will tune in immediately.

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something pretty cool on twitter  tRump delaying the election  Priceless 

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Anyone surprised that he finally said it? You know he’s been thinking about it for 4 years. 


Fox "news" will be so surprised.  Im sure they will recover in time to report it as an epiphany from the  great lord Stable Genius 

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