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I am going to try a new recipe tonight - chicken piccata. I’ll let y’all know how it turns out because I’m sure you’re dying to know!

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3 Answers

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Good luck. I miss Flag-a-Post Friday.

by (3,926,611 points)
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Serious question: Where do you get capers? Or are they included in a pre-bought sauce?

by (757,640 points)

I got them at an upscale grocery store called AJ’s which carries unusual items like capers. 


Walmart has capers here.


You can get capers in any supermarket where they sell the olives. They come in a brine in a tall jar. Look in Kroeger! If they don't, look in Walmart as Wellone says. 

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5AM here, will let you know at noon - dinner time here

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