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A girl liked me a lot.She praised me a lot.Helps me a lot.She called me 3 times for informing the class time.I didn't call back, because I fear her father and two brothers.I thought like that.Then after months another guy called her and they talked,she also called him and talked for 15 minutes.I became shattered.Then she called me again for the fourth time.I didn't call back, because I thought no use of that, because she is close with other guy.After 2 years,I saw her in person,then I talked to her.Then also I thought no use of calling her, because she is close with other guy.Isn't this fate I thought like that?

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3 Answers

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For someone with your screen name... you don't

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Just. Stop. 

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No, it's more like a consequence of your inaction.

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