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So me and my girlfriend have been dating for a few months now, shes fallen out with one of her mates Beth like bitchy falling out like arguing half of last couple of nights on text and she was saying to me "I do kick boxing I'll break her legs if she even tries anything" which she is a brown belt in kickboxing.. and I believed her however this morning we went for a Starbucks in town we got a cup cake and were on our way out when her mate turned up Beth they were arguing in middle of shopping centre and Beth said to her shell handle her easily my bird went to walk off and saying she woudnt do shit etc anyway as she moves Beth pulls her back and pushes her cupcake (full of whipped cream might I add) into my birds face like gone in her nose and mouth and she started coughing like fuckin mad for a good minute and Beth walked off kinda smug and now shes fuming at me cos I said she lost a catfight to Beth am I really wrong or being bad? 

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5 Answers

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You're not wrong just too soon. You should have let her cool off before offering your opinion.

This sounds so immature but its not finished, I guarantee your  girl will get her revenge.

Oh by the way, are you a worm? Is that because  a 'bird picked you up?

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But she did lose a catfight?? She half turned around bottling it after saying shed break her legs n that and got done by a face of cream n jam ha ha


I know but your timing was awful. 

This is why I eat my cup cake before leaving the shop, you just never know.


Am I wrong wrong for saying she lost a fight?? Again done nothing wrong n shes Sat here in a sulk.


I said you weren't wrong, just bad timing.

Why do you need a partner that wants to fight and sulk anyway? Believe me, life is too short for that nonsense 

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In the real world no-one wants to hear how they lost, especially from someone you're dating. Honesty isn't always a good thing.

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You'd of been a lot better off saying Beth sucker "punched" her and is a bitch.  Seems you're giving your girl a hard time about not breaking her leg or something such instead.  As a boyfriend it's your role to be supportive not judgmental. 

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You were wrong.  The boyfriend is always wrong.  Something you need to learn if you want to remain the boyfriend.

You should have said it was a cheap shot, and you know that the gf would have taken care of her in a fair fight.

Later, privately, you could perhaps discouraged her from fighting over nothing.

Check out the woman on here who got her faced shoved in custard twice.  Lolly or some such name.  Pointless abuse, never admitted that she lost twice. 

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Next time make it custard.

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