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I was just reading the other day in the UK that the average age for this isa shocking 15 years and 8 months........I was nearly 25 when I lost mine, we were at it like rabbits forth first 3-4 weeks then I got bored and its never appealed to me since  

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5 Answers

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I grabbed some serious pussy in high school. I had to pay the bitches hush money though because I was running for presidency.

by (4,042,291 points)
+3 votes

I didnt lose it, I know where it went.

by (3,030,270 points)
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The first time I had sex with a woman.

by (823,640 points)
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Sounds like the typical women that I have known.   Lol.  For years I thought it was me, but have since concluded, with more evidence, that it was them.

But to your question.  I didn't lose my virginity, I gave it away.  I had been trying desperately to find some female to take it. I begged them to.  I even offered to pay them to take it.  And when I was almost 19, an experienced 17 year old girl offered to do it.  I think she just felt sympathy for me, but I did talk her into the act repeatedly.  Ahhh, those were the days.  As I look back it was the golden age of sex.  Lasted 3-4 weeks.  

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16, and I've maintained interest ever since.

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