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I have been seeing a guy for two months. The day he came over and was saying weird things he normally doesn’t say. We started cuddling and he said “i don’t know how you’re going to feel about this but ... i have love for you” then about 20 minutes later he said “I’m not going to let you go. I’m never letting you go” 

Then he asked me “are you going to leave me?” And i said “as long as you treat me right I’m not going anywhere”

Before the night was over we ended up having sex and this is where i got weirded out. While having sex he begged me three time to finish inside of me and each time I said “no” then he said “ please i don’t want you to leave me”

Later that night he kept grabbing my foot and putting my foot in his face and chest
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I wouldn’t be with a guy that didn’t LISTEN TO ME during sex. That’s just creepy and controlling. But that’s just me. 

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I think he wants to get you pregnant.  He seems to have come up with the idea you're going to leave him and has decided knocking you up is a way to keep that from happening.  I hope you're on the pill or some other kind of birth control besides just condoms.  Do you think he was under the influence of something seeing how he was saying weird things he usually doesn't.  As to the foot thing, I don't really know what that was about.

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So.  He has a foot fetish.  Lots of guys seem to have a thing for womens feet.  Not something I understand, but not real uncommen.

As for finishing inside of you, there are a couple of things going on.

First, it is good that he is asking and not just apologizing for it afterwords.  But it is not good that he keeps asking.  That is clearly hoping that you will find his sexing you so incredible that you will eventually break down and say yes. 

 Second, I hope you are not using pulling out as a contraceptive, thats unsafe.  

And third, I understand what he was asking.  For me, during sex, I only have orgasms if I can ejaculate inside a woman.  Otherwise it is just masturbation.  Nice masturbation with ejaculation but not orgasm.  If it would have been me, and you said no to finishing in you, I would have said lets do something else.

Please practice safe sex.

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You have a checkered history on this board.  Sometimes you're female; other times male.  You've been with guys for years or months or even for overlapping time periods. Every one of your posts is weighted down with baggage that is actually unbelievable, almost as if you were a troll.

You have my sympathy.

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good catch.  I need to pay more attention.


lol I like the talkfree dude. Crazy.

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