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That you got sick from it? 

   I did last night, and I will never touch another BBQ potato chip ever again, or potato chips in general.  I've learned my lesson. That's one vice that's gone forever. My stomach still hurts and it will be tea only today. :(

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4 Answers

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Too many nothing burgers from you know who.

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I have done that repeatedly.  One day in college, I drank so much red wine that I could not drink the stuff for yeRs, decades.  I can choke a glass down now if I have too, but it isn't my favorite.

Since my gall bladder cancer as removed, I have to be carefull.  Too much of anything makes me nauseas but anything with a high fat content like chips or deep fried anything makes me sick. 

by (1,474,670 points)

My stomach is sensitive to fried foods as well. I get nauseous too and then eventually sick.  Yes, you need to be careful of that considering your history. 


I should have reread that post.  Gall bladder was removed.  It was not cancerous.  Don't know how that snuck in there.  But yes, I try to be careful.  I need to try and be more careful.  My stomach is working better now than right after the removal, but I know what is going to happen if I load up too much.  Especially fatty food.  I really liked fish and chips, but there is just too much oil in them.  I get sick.

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When I was about 17 years old, I got so drunk on Sloe Gin Fizzes that, to this day - some 45 years later- I’ve never been able to drink another one. 

by (2,380,350 points)

I've heard of those but never had one. 17 eh? Ah,.the choices we made when we were young.


They consist of sloe gin, orange juice and Seven-Up. Very sweet and cloying, which made for THE. WORST. hangover of my entire life. 


It does sound sweet. Never been drunk. Good thing, I don't think my stomach could handle it. 


It’s unpleasant. You’re definitely not missing anything. 


The worst hangover I ever had was while I was stationed in Germany in the army.  They make a chocolate covered cherry that is filled with brandy.  These things were sold in vending machines all over the city.  So, we had been out drinking, beer mostly, but then the bars closed and taxi drivers didn't like to pick up drunk GIs.  We were staggering home and passed one of these vending machines.  Bought lots of cherries.  Filled our pockets and ate them on the way to the barracks.  Ate all of them, went to bed.  In the morning I was very sick. My hands were shaking, my head hurt, my stomach was reched.  And we had to go to the rifle range.  Longest day of my life.  I don't think that I "qualified", but the army doesn't fire you if you cannot hit anything with a rifle.  

People sometimes send us those cherries for christmas and I still cannot eat them. 


If you’re going to get shit-faced, I think inhaling chocolate covered cherries is the way to go! 


Lol.  Something about the combination of sugar, chocolate and cherries. 

One is ok, two probably fine, but a bunch was not good.  Lol.



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Mine is a drink  too. Whisky at 14. I've never had another whisy since. 

by (2,970,410 points)

How did you get whisky at 14?  Lol

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