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+2 votes

I know it was Wednesday yesterday and I forgot to add this in. It's so good. I've been making a bunch of it for awhile. It's called Ceviche, and it originated from Peru.

in Diet and Health by (971,020 points)

5 Answers

+1 vote

Im not a big fish person, I really need to take the notion for one but this sounds good.

by (2,970,410 points)

It's very good as it sits for hours in the spices. I'm a garlic lover and so I love the aroma it creates. Hey!  If you ever do visit I'll make you some. :)

+1 vote

Yeah, no.....

You get *parasites* from eating raw fish. Nope. Not on my menu. Ever. 

by (2,380,350 points)

The fish is "cured" or cooked in the acidity of the lime juice. Fish is frozen which kills the parasites, or you can buy fresh fish snd freeze it for a week. My friend won't have it either. 

+2 votes

I have it every day for lunch.

by (3,930,601 points)

Followed by cake a la mode. 

+1 vote

Sounds like a Covid sanitizer.

Add a lot of garlic and you won’t have to ask folks to socially distance.

by (758,370 points)



Oh, I do add lots of garlic. It's great. But then again garlic is only one thing you can add to it besides spicy peppers. 

+1 vote

Have not made that in a long while.  May do  it with Shrimp tomorrow

by (2,847,640 points)

I did add shrimp. I parboil it before adding it to the fish, for a few seconds in boiling water.  It's delish, isn't it? 

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