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I asked my boyfriend how was the sex and he said “it was decent” 

Does that mean the sex was bad? Or mediocre Or he want feeling it

I asked him last night about us having sex and he was it was okay as ”I’m decent” this morning he changed his answer to it was ”good “

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6 Answers

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Is this the one who was being all clingy and wanting to come inside you last week?  If so, I still think he's trying to knock you up.  It will only be great if you let him come inside.  If it's not the same guy, you sure seem to be cycling through boyfriends and having sex with them fast.
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It’s the same guy. He made it seem like the sex was mediocre 

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Your boyfriend is an idiot.  He obviously doesn't know rule one about getting laid repeatedly.  It is that when ask by his partner about how she was for sex, a guy should always lie.  He thought a bit about this when his answer went from decent to good.  The real answer is wonderful, because no matter how bad she was at it, getting a guys penis into a woman is pretty wonderful.  Lol.

Women worry about this a lot.  I bet you didn't find his penis so magical that you loved having it in you, lost time and place in the universe, and asked him to leave it in, or stick it in again.  On the other hand, if he asked, I bet you didn't or wouldn't say, "ok".  You would have lavished praise on the size, shape, and awesome way that he used his penis.  No?.

Anyway, he was probably just being honest.  Sex is not something that we are born knowing all about.  We, both men and women, basically know which body parts are usually involved, and sort of what to do with them.  But how to be memorable, not to mention incredible, takes knowledge about how you work, what you like, desire to be better, and what he likes, how he works, and his desire to be better.   You need to ask what turns him on, decide if it something that you are willing to do, and tell him what you want him to do, and see if he is willing to do it.  Sex is just not laying there, opening your legs, and let him stick his penis into you.  That is OK, but not great.

So, talk to him.  Ask what would have made it fantastic.  Try it.  Enthusiasm goes a long ways.

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Your boyfriend is an idiot.

You never tell a woman her pants make her “ass look big” or having sex with her is decent.

This is an universal joke!

No I am not literally suggesting he lies. Just be kind. Kind of less idiotic, that is. Lol

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Well, Rat, you keep on posting these "I'm a victim" posts, and people here haven't figured out yet that you are sometimes posting as a male, sometimes as a female, and always your posts are packed solid with baggage.  

Sad.  Don't you have a life to get to?

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Well honey sounds like you've got no worries in that department......enjoy sit back and wait in wonder till he gets you to climax.

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