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Because in theater superstition from way back, it’s considered bad luck to wish someone good luck. So wishing bad luck on them (by wishing them to break a leg) is also the opposite. It means you’re wishing them good luck “in code.” 

Hey... it’s superstition - it doesn’t have to make sense! 

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n-no it is a literal joke, not a history question....ugh your a party pooper


Oops! Sorry. I guess I’m too literal! 


it's okay


JPT, I didn't see any "joke" part of it, either, so don't feel badly about it.


well here's the answer
because all plays have a CAST!!


Ah.  OK.

Perhaps in future posts, you can put them up like this:

Riddle:  Why do we tell actors to break a leg?

Riddle: What is an astronaut's favorite part of the keyboard?


Then in the "text" part of the post, you can say, "Take your guesses!  If no one gets it today, I'll post the answer!"


Ohh okay thx

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