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2 Answers

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All the right notes. Not necessarily in the right order.

by (3,929,501 points)

can't you just let me have this


Butt of course.

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Im a bit confused but I'm sure uou can help clear this up, are we supposed to respond to your posts or not? Its just, its not that clear. I'm sure its a misunderstanding.

by (2,969,990 points)

no, I want you to tell me if you get it but some people don't....which makes it not fun


Oh OK well. Glad we cleared that up. 


I think most people over the age of 12 have heard many riddles like this.  PARENTS of 6-8 year olds get to hear these kinds of riddles MANY times, and every time, all the good parents think it over, look VERY puzzled, and then say, "I give up... What??"  and they they laugh really hard and say, "That's a good one!"

When adults tell them, the best you can hope for is a "Ha-ha!  <groan>  Good one!"

Which would you rather have from us?  (a) "We give up... that's a toughie..." or (b) "Yes, I get it... it took a while, but I got it... you're VERY clever!"  or (c) "Ha-Ha!  I like that one!  <groan>  ;-)"

Take your pick!  :-)



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