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I have been chatting to a woman and she has just said this "

Wow that's nice love so I know u will what me to say with u and I will do that if u ask me becouse I what to share everything with u

I will have patience with u becouse I love you and u mean everything to me

The round of the conversation was all very much about thoughts of being together as friends/ soul mates and companions and we had dscussed this on a few occassions.......

I think she maybe wealthy and much as I like it I'm not with her for that reason. 

I'm thinking that because she has said "share everything with you" 

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3 Answers

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I would not interpret her words to mean that she’s wealthy. I think that’s reading more into it than she said. 

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:share everything with you: 

1. Could mean a sexual reference 

2. Could be a food reference, as in she loves to cook

3. Could be a spiritual reference as her mind, love, etc.

It is always best to ask and not assume.

It could be something entirely different.

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... and it could mean she wants to share everything YOU have...

Personally, I would question whether this would be a good option for you.  Have you met her in person yet?  If not, do not make ANY kind of personal, social, or--important here--ECONOMIC commitment to her.

Perhaps it is because she may not be a native English speaker or a more educated person (evidenced by the misspellings and the "word shorthand" popular with most young people on the Internet (R U kidding me, etc.)

But just talking on line or on the phone is absolutely no basis for making ANY kind of in-person commitment other than "Let's have lunch so we can talk in person and get to know each other a little better."

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