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4 Answers

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Uhmmm... I wish HE would go away. 

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And at some point he will be right.  It is burning its way around the world.  Unless it mutates a lot, it will kill off a large portion of the population and with no one left to infect, will go away, like magic.

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When it finally does, it will have taken 200,000+ Americans with it.  Unnecessarily. If we’d had a leader in the WH instead of a cockroach, this problem would have been contained last winter. 

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Well it just came on tv they are projecting a vaccine as early as next month. Trump is using the Defense Protection Act to tool up companies to be ready to produce syringes and the National Guard to distribute it.

Biden’s solution? Plagiarize what Trump has already done. Perhaps Woodward has another book in him to cover Biden’s game plan? 

And with a vaccine,it eventually will go away! Like smallpox and polio.

by (792,670 points)

Biden. Is. Not. President. 

And how can he “plagiarize” something that doesn’t exist? Trump’s game plan has been MIA for the last 9 months.  Biden came up with a plan long before Trump had one - even though Biden’s not even in office. Why do you hold everyone else to a higher standard than you hold Trump? Trump does nothing and you applaud. Biden (who isn’t even in office) does *anything* and you say he’s wrong. Trump’s incompetence has led to the deaths of 200,000 Americans, but *Biden* is the one you call into question? 



Everyone knows it will go away eventually. Trump did not say that so stop the spin.

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