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They stood on it in the last GE, it was a great deal, passed the deal through the commons 

Now Bojo has reneged on that deal, breaking  up International law and shredding The Good Friday agreement.

Who will save us from  those white privalge populists?

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2 Answers

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I think it's a competition between BJ and Dump. How much they can get away with.

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Biden-Harris will!

Didn’t you get the mailer?

They’ll cure:

Global warming 




Voting suppression 

Police racial discrimination 

Trans & Gay oppression

The problem is half of this ticket has been in government for fifty years with nothing to show for it.

Maybe you can hold out hope for the You -go-girl-Kamala?

by (758,370 points)

That is absolute nonsense you just posted. It has no relation to my question and why would I hold out hope for Kamala?

 You're making the mistake of thinking that because I detest that malignant cancer you helped force on the world I must be a Democrat.

 I don't  live in America, I used to believe Americans were smart, entrepreneurs and free then you all voted fat boy into the most powerful position in the world and totally screwed the country up. 

I can't  work it out, I understsnd the racists voted for him and non college educated woman are hot for him, i guess that's self explanatory.


Snd re your 50 year comment, you voted for them, so they must have been fking something uou lijed


America First got my attention.

I was a Democrat until Barak Insane Obama sent our enemy ( Iran ) pallets full of ca$h!

To quote Barak “That’s not who we are!”


So you went off Obama because he paid Iran what the US owed them? You'd get on well here with our Bojo, he thinks nothing of breaking international law either 


Meanwhile....Iran is saying death to America. And we are supposed to give our enemy loads of cash to finance terrorists?

We might as well support George Sorros’ band of domestic terrorists and flush our country short order down the toilet!

You are far more noble than I Belle. I don’t give my enemy the advantage. But I suppose you think Barak’s motivation was pure too? Right?


Countries that don't meet their international commitments quickly become pariahs, thats what America is experiencing right now, not under Obama. Another example is the UK right now  Bojo is how to become an international pariah 101.

Iran has been shouting death to America for years, they like their flag burning too. The thing is, pre trump there was  a deal with Iran to limit its nuclear activities and allow international inspections , in return sanctions would be lifted.

Trump pulled out of that accord, making the world less safe and Iran free to get on with building nuclear weapons.

Iran are the second last country i want to have nukes, they are all nuts the first is trumps America because he is insane. I wouldn't  trust that fat bloater with the remote control for the TV.

Noble not noble your arse of a man has given the enemy an advantage.

Iran, NK, Russia all just desperate to see the US and the EU weakened and trump and dump are playing right into their hands.

And your country has been  flushed and is stuck in the S bend. Unless trump is booted  out it will end up in the sewer.


Well if the s—t hits the fan, Iran,Russia and China most likely won’t be firing on Scotland. So you are all good.

Iran doesn’t play by the rules. No unannounced inspections. And limited sites allowed for actual inspection.

Your world view astounds me. You do know if the UK or Europe for that matter were threatened the US would be first to your defense? Not Iran,Russia,China or North Korea?

I understand that you abhor Trump, but let’s not go bat sh— crazy. Socialism,Marxism,Communism and Nazi is have never brought peace & prosperity.

Democrats want gun control, disarming the public, defunding the police. Do you want to know how Latin America suppresses looting, theft etc in their Super Mericado’s ( Super Markets?) Armed guards with M-16’s! 

You will see this scenario at banks, airports and government buildings. No one is going to intimidate them into standing down. Same situation in Venezuela. Socialism-lite always evolves into Socialism. It’s a guise to get their political agenda mainstream.

Castro never worried about how his statements came across. Nor Putin. Putin’s running mate turned up poisoned.

So go ahead and think America is enemy #1.


Its clear you don't know that the UK's nuclear arsenal  is 50 miles from my front door. The very moment war is declared I'm  dead.I've accepted it to a point, all I want to  know is will it hurt. 

I do think your lack of understanding of Scottish and UK politics is understandable, I bet the majority of Americans dont have the first clue about it..some on this site have informed themselves and I love that, but its cool if nobody else does.

Its also A LOT to go into, so I wont unless you ask.

 I do need to point out again that you don't stick  to the subject and go off on a tangent. I can only assume you're using me as a conduate to make your views plain to other Americans.

And to be honest, you do come across as a person that just regurgitates  mad man trumps conspiracy theories, with no individual thought of your own.

Just dont confuse me as someone who gives a shit about the Democrats or Biden or Harris 

Trump is a total fuck up, he is totally inadequate, no experience and has made America the laughing stock of the world.

I fully expect him to win again and the  American experiment will end in abstract failure.

By the time he has finished the world will be rescuing American boat people.

And as for your assertion that if Scotland was attacked America would come to the rescue! 

I dont think so, trump hates NATO, because he doesn't understand it. Even though the only time NATO responded to a country under attack was America!! Sort that one out 


I live very near WrightPatterson Air Force base. It was considered a first hit during Bay of Pigs. I was told given a direct hit we would be instantaneously cremated and no pain to be incurred. That was the talking points then so obviously we didn’t test that narrative.

My suggestion is keep your rosary close and your God closer.

I don’t assume you to be a Democrat but it is a binary choice unless you count Kanye.West.

So if you’re truly interested in Trump’s losing the election, you must surely have a favorable replacement?


Nope. HE could be replaced with a warthog as far as I'm concerned. .


Alrighty then, Warthog is your choice.

Whew. We finally narrowed that one down!


Not really, I have no idea what a Warthog is.

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