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Misgendered you in public and so you wanna say somyhing but when you do the go on a ran about "Straight pride" "ALM" "white lives and Blue lives matter more then Black and LGBTQIA+" and you just have to sute there like-what? Im not a sir or am'am im a jellynfish what do you expect? 

What should i say to this meanie?

in Daily Life by (1,180 points)

5 Answers

+1 vote

Say nothing, you dont have to prove anything.  Don't respond when the meanie calls you sir/madam or whatever, and keep it that way until S/he addresses you properly.

by (2,986,630 points)
+1 vote

I like to say "Thanks for that." Most people think you are actually thanking them.

by (3,951,401 points)
+2 votes

As a rule I ignore idiots, so I don't have much for you to say.  And I have never been misgendered.

by (1,490,230 points)
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No it’s never happened to me.

But if you find it happens to you, you may may want to not wear unisex clothing. Or at least a tee shirt saying Imma gal or Imma guy.

If you’re Trans and are misgendered, do a better job of representing’

That is all I have to say about that.

by (760,900 points)
+2 votes

Oh, I didn’t read your reference to jellyfish.

In that case say “Are you squidding me?”

You’re welcome!

by (760,900 points)

Um- yEs! I love that loll


Now that is funny, Lady!!

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