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+2 votes

A left wing revolt said trumps health aide, buy bullets he said.

Thats a bit of a jump from pussyhats to AR15's.

I shouldn't laugh, its not funny but my goodness,  cult 45  are insane.

in In the News by (2,983,650 points)

6 Answers

+2 votes

Very fine people. If Trump loses the excuses will be numerous.

by (3,948,531 points)
+2 votes

I expect riots to happen, and probably violence as well. The cult will not give up. They will worship this conman at all costs. 

by (990,170 points)

It’s absolutely the same as religious extremist zealotry. 


Exactly. Zealots of the Dictator in chief. 

+1 vote

If there’s an armed revolt if Trump *loses* the election it sure won’t be the left who’s doing it! 

That slimy weasel Roger Stone has advised Trump to reject the election results and declare martial law if he loses. That’s some scary shit. 

I don’t even feel like this is my country anymore - I’m like a foreigner in some nightmare fascist US that I don’t recognize. 

by (2,396,700 points)

Saw that yesterday, disgusting what Stone recommended

+2 votes

I saw that and am confused.

If trumpsky loses, there will be rejoicing in the streets by the left.  I will put on a mask and join them.  If trumpsky loses and doesn't voluntarily leave, there may be an armed crowd taking him and his family out to the washington monument and shooting him.  Then rejoicing in the streets.

But if the idiot wins, I suspect that the left all get drunk or high, or both and hire a bunch of lawyers to see how he cheated.

by (1,487,690 points)

When Margaret Thatcher died, we in Scotland had street parties. If we could have, we would have pissed on her grave.

I can't wait till they put a statue up and a pigeon shits on her head.

Its the next best thing from blowing her brains out.

I hope trumps execution is on pay for  view, I'd sell my ass to pay for that.


Me too.  It would draw huge ratings.  Best ever.  Lol

+1 vote

Well, I hardly believe  if Trumps loses, a bunch of 20 year old somethings in white t-shirts saying White Lives Matter will descend upon black neighborhoods on the back of a truck with bullhorn in hand yelling “Wake Up MF’r! Wake up” Nor follows that up with harassing Black diners as they eat. Or pillage and burn.

Now his acolytes as will watch on tv and “Go,Well sh—t!” And go promptly to bed as we have always done in the past when our party doesn’t win.

And believe it or not we won’t be praying for the death of Biden-Harris regardless of the outcome.

Our Republic has survived in spite of whoever is President. I suspect thiss A time will be no different.

by (759,960 points)

I hope your awareness is raised when you see what actually happens.


Lady, you haven’t been paying attention. 


Time to come out of your bubble lady. Its not the left thats threatening violence 

+2 votes

I suspect there may be violence.  The US is on the verge of another Civil War IMO, will a Trump loss trigger it who knows

by (2,857,480 points)
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