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US President Donald Trump has dismissed concerns over climate change on a visit to fire-ravaged California, telling an official "I don't think science knows" about global warming.

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4 Answers

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He can't decide if he is down playing or up playing.  Good grief the man never gets a minutes rest. He has another 100,000 folk to kill.

And on the 7th day he will rest.

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Yes, it sounds preposterous to those looking to debunk anything and everything he says.

But typically going by science California temps begins to decrease and rains increase to a rainy season in the 1st of November.

People like to site science until their political opponent uses past patterns!

Oh well, carry on!

Hate Trump, Hate Trump!!!

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Sure.  Let it burn until November or later when it rains.  Due to climate change it might not rain until december.


Are you familiar with the Dust Bowl?

Definitely not the fault of any administration.

Climate changes in bizarre ways. There are exceptionally hot periods in the US followed a decade later by record snow fall.

If you weren’t asleep in preschool perhaps you were told of glaciers creating the Grand Canyon?

So climate is and has been constantly changing.

We know sea fossils have been found in the great deserts and tropical plants after glacier melting in the arctic.

And this time and seasons immortal.


Good thing I was asleep when they were talking about glaciers creating the grand canyon because that is a debunked theory. I.e. Wrong.  It wasn't the finger of god either.

Sea fossils in deserts have more to do with plate tectonics than glaciers.  But maybe they were talking about that while you were in church praying for guidance. Lol

The climate is changing all the time, but resist the urge to confuse weather with climate.  As scientists learn to read ancient ice, tree rings, etc they have been able to show that the planet has been getting warmer since the industrial revolution and the climate is changing.  Along with the weather getting stranger.

But you can go back under your rock anytime. 


The Dust Bowl (for our international members it was the American midwest/southwest that was plagued by drought and dust storms that was caused by a combination of CLIMATE (a series of drought years starting in 1930; the dust storms started a year later; and the rains returned by the end of 1939); GOVERNMENT POLICIES (the Homestead Act of 1862 and the Kincaid Act of 1904 opened up 160-acre plots of land to an influx of inexperienced farmers who were not given any real guidance about how to use the land they were claiming); and HUMAN CONTRIBUTIONS (these farmers believed that "rain follows the plow," so they believed that even though the area did not have regular and adequate rainfall, there would be more rain somehow once they started plowing the fields; they did not know anything about rotation of crops or leaving fields fallow for a year, so they wore out the earth with their crops, and that left the land with no natural vegetation to hold what little rain there was, etc., etc.).

So... to review: the area that became knowns as "the Dust Bowl" was already predisposed to have a lack of regular annual rainfalls that would support the farmers in general.  The land was opened to many "amateurs" who didn't know how to farm and who had superstitious beliefs that guided their actions.  The lack of "good farming techniques" that were unknown at that time exacerbated the other factors.

Therefore, I'd have to say that the change in the climate was part nature (drought years) but those were exacerbated by HUMAN FACTORS, just like today.  Yes, the tendency is that climate WILL change slowly as years go by, and there is an ebb and flow to much of it.  But when you add HUMAN CONTRIBUTIONS that literally change the environment factors that would otherwise would tend to moderate the changes... you get what we're getting now:  

"Extreme Nature on Steroids Supplied by Humankind."


The Grand Canyon wasn’t created by glaciers and the Dust Bowl was about 95% the fault of humans, who destroyed the topsoil in order to farm. Without the topsoil, all it took was a drought and some wind to create a catastrophe. Mostly man-made...


If you agree with Trump, you're probably wrong. No need to fact-check.


No, I'm sorry but you're wrong. I was listening to scientists on a news channel, NOT CNN, and they mentioned that California's temperatures have risen a few degrees each year due to climate change. You cannot blame people for believing the scientists who should know what they're talking about and have the knowledge behind them. What I don't understand are people who try to politicize climate change. As if it cared who believes in it or not. 

    Weathering and erosion through layers of rock caused by the Colorado River is what made the Grand Canyon, not glaciers. 

    Your president said it was a Chinese hoax on us,  some years ago. Looks like the hoax's on him. 

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He is lying to avoid having to do anything.

And, of course, he is right.  It usually rains sometime in november or december.  If there is anything left to burn, the rain or snow should put it out.  Assuming things are normal.

But who knows.  

It is what it is.

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As we are talking climate change, when Trump says it's going to get cooler I'm guessing he is meaning long-term. As in the years to come not just this years disaster.


Long term to trump is tomorrow.  So I am pretty sure that he is talking about november.  Maybe december.  


In that case he is stating the obvious.


Trump has the attention span of a retarded gnat. He thinks if it cools off in the fall, it means climate change is fake news. 

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Trump has no idea how climate change works. How would you expect someone who never had any ambition other than to get richer ( he failed with 7 bankrupcies), paid someone to take his SATs,  and paid no attention in school understand climate change? His lack of knowledge never surprises me. 

by (1,092,680 points)

To me, what is more appalling than Trump’s lack of knowledge, is his complete disinterest in  learning anything. He has no intellectual curiosity whatsoever. It’s beyond bizarre. I think it was General Mattis who said that trying to tell Trump something he didn’t want to hear was like “French kissing a chainsaw.” 


JPT, to me his lack of interest in learning anything new is not surprising. To an arrogant, stubborn person who thinks his way is best,  no one could teach him anything he already has answers for. And don't forget, curiosity is an actual sign of intelligence, among other things. He has none; it figures. 


Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Oklahoma), chair of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, on February 26, 2015, refuted once and for all, the entire notion of "Global Warming" and "Climate Change" by opening a Ziploc bag, taking out a snowball he had made outside the chamber, and throwing it on the floor of the Senate.  He pointed out that it was COLD outside, and that should have been enough to silence all those pointy-headed science believers.


I actually remember that. It confirmed my previous suspicion that Inhofe is a mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging troglodyte. 


A fine upstanding example of Oklahoman manhood...  and brainpower... and uh... hmmm....



(He pointed out that it was COLD outside, and that should have been enough to silence all those pointy-headed science believers.)

    A true idiot's thinking. 

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