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The rest just need a leader with a plan 

in In the News by (3,023,090 points)

4 Answers

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Ahhh, but he has a plan.  Do nothing, something he is very good at, until the whole country develops herd mentality, immunity.  That will happen when 60 percent of the herd catches the disease and some of them survive.  Of course some will die.  Current estimates are about 2 to 6 million will have to die.  For trump, that looks like a win.  Most of them will be on social security and medicare so their death looks like a cost saving to the conservatives.  Probably a lot are democrates, so that is a political win for the GOP. 

It is a plan.

by (1,535,670 points)

Trump cult members accuse everyone who isn't "with them" of being "sheep" or "sheeple."  Trump minions are lemmings, and they will follow their Trumpster leader wherever he goes.

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Trump’s plan has always been to line his pockets and stroke his ego. So far, it’s working great. 

by (2,446,270 points)
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Looks like your average American is a sucker for punishment.

by (4,024,911 points)
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He DOES know they are like sheep and follow his every beck and call. That's why he keeps up with his antics. 

   Now imagine if you can, everytime he opened his mouth to say something stupid (again) and no one cared to comment or to listen? No one paid him any mind much in the same way you wouldn't pay mind to a spoiled child trying to get someone's attention. He would go even more nuts than he already is. 

  I wish that would happen 

by (1,053,430 points)

I read today that his rallies are very well thought out. They are meant resemble a fire and brimstone preacher in church, thats why they are so lit up.

There are a few African Americans that attend and they give them "Blacks for Trump" tee shirts and stand them at the front to be noticed  Pure exploitation.

His "followers" are churchy types and thats what the trump rally  appeals to them.

Wouldn't it be great if he went into a snake pit?


Yes, those church types are the kind who put him in office. Plus the ones who think in the same wavelength as he does. Typically, white racists/prejudiced people who hate everyone not like them. That is part of the backbone of America, sad to say. Thankfully and hopefully to the rest of the world, they don't represent the majority. But try to tell them Hillary won the popular vote. They don't understand that popular votes mean the majority. 

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