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“U.S. Admits That Congressman Offered Pardon to Assange If He Covered Up Russia Links”

I can’t figure out how to post the link here while I’m using my IPhone, but google that headline for the whole not-very-surprising reveal.

The entire Trump administration is rotten to the core. No more sugar-coating it - anyone who still supports him is either amoral or a traitor.

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4 Answers

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Yeah but Biden's been doing it for over 50 years.

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I saw a clip today of the Bill Meyer(sp?) Show with Roger Stone. Stone was asked if Snowden and Assange  should be pardoned and he said not Snowden...

The fix is in.

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If you read Grin’s link the congressman made an offer without speaking with the President and offered it on his own as a win-win.

Got a little ahead of your horse there girl.

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That’s why I specifically pointed a finger at the entire administration - seems there’s not a one of them who isn’t above cheating - with or without  the personal approval of the Oval Office. 


The President holds ultimate responsibility. Ignorance and not knowing anything about it would not be a good enough excuse in any other organisation.


He’s not all knowing.

You are thinking of God.

And if one is above the *glass ceiling* they get by with plenty!


No. You have God confused with the office of the president, which is occupied by a human being. God was not on the ballot in the 2016 presidential election. The guy who was, and who ultimately won the election, is 100% responsible for whatever occurs in his government. Harry Truman had a sign on his desk that read “The buck stops here.” Trump - and his supporters - appear to think the buck stops everywhere else. 


The President doesn't need to know anything if he wants to look clueless, but that's not going to look good when the shit hits the fan or on any other level. And typically that's why the dude at the top has to go. In the real world. It's his job to know. There are plenty of examples of how this works.


Serious question: Did that apply to Obama when Joe Biden’s son accompanied Joe on the trip to China,Ukraine etc to become Uber rich his only experience being Joe’s son?

Are you saying Obama knew or should have know about the false dossier used against Trump paid for by Hillary Clinton?


I think the head of any organisation should know what's happening within their organisation. Some things are more serious than others and the frequency you have to make excuses should also be taken into account. Have you never watched a leader step down or resign on the news for this kind of reason?

On second thoughts... unfortunately not.

Lady, I have a question for you:  The GOP had a total majority in the federal government for the first 2 years of Trump’s term. Hunter Biden’s actions were common knowledge at that time and generally ignored by everyone.  Not one member of the GOP cared or thought his actions were illegal until Joe Biden became a threat to Trump’s re-election. Then all of a sudden the GOP became hysterical over it. Why do you think that is? Let’s ask Trey Gowdy, who admitted in no uncertain terms that the GOP’s entire “Benghazi” investigation farce had ONE purpose - to hurt Clinton’s chances at being elected. Maybe he knows why Hunter Biden is being accused of wrong-doing. Hunter Biden and Joe Biden have already been investigated and found to have done nothing illegal. But let’s investigate them about 10 more times, right? Please. Don’t insult our intelligence. 

Besides, is it really illegal to become uber-rich because your dad’s a politician? Maybe we should ask Donald Jr and Ivanka. If Biden’s or his son’s actions are illegal, we should put all three kids and their dads in the same cell. 

In addition, even if “the dossier” was phony - and I’m not sure it was - it’s entirely irrelevant. If a false accusation - of anyone - results in an investigation that finds a crime has been committed, that crime is STILL prosecuted. If I erroneously tell the police that you have kidnapped kids chained up in your basement, and they investigate and find no kids but 100 pounds of heroin, you’re getting arrested for possession of heroin. The fact that the initial accusation was incorrect does not excuse the crimes that were actually committed. And Mueller’s investigation found enough evidence of Trump’s crimes to get him impeached, whether or not the infamous “dossier” was phony. And Clinton did not instigate “the dossier” - the GOP did. Clinton just ran with it after the information had been obtained. 

Wow! You’ve been drinking the Democrats Koolaid again. The information was Russian the Hillary bought and paid for just as you have.

Mueller’s team as well as Hillary’s team all *wiped* or destroyed their phones. What do you suppose they all are hiding? Treason perhaps?

You’re really going to defend Hunter Biden an ex-junkie with no experience in anything and no experience in foreign languages to the Trump kids who have been deeply involved in business in the adult lives. Ivanka a multi-linguist? Oh please!

Don’t Democrats now decide guilty until proven innocent? Then have a completely different standard when it comes to them?

All this Democrat holier-then-thou nauseates me!

Politics has been a dirty game from the beginning,including Democrats.My source? Tip O’Neil’s book “Man of the House” a self described list of old school Democrat shenanigans.


Ivanka and Don Jr have not been involved in business - they’ve been involved with their daddy’s companies and his “charitable” foundation - most of which are failed and bankrupt. They don’t know a thing about business other than their dad’s money having their back and getting their crap merchandise manufactured in China.  If Trump wasn’t propping them up, they’d be hawking used cars or working retail. 

Why do Republicans defend the entire Trump team ignoring subpoenas, refusing to testify and Trump’s refusal to turn over his tax returns? To quote you “What do you suppose they are hiding?”

Be cautious when you accuse others of double-standards. 

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