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Nice photos. Love the pets.

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That is an absolutely adorable, cozy-looking bungalow, Daniel!! I’m so happy for you. 

Your fuzzies are as cute as can be - give them each a petting from Auntie JPT. 

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i have some work to do on the house but -- i only paid 60,000..... i need a roof and some new windows but im trying to keep the leaded/ stained glass type windows-- ill post some pics of those. i also want a nicer bathroom and kitchen -- someone remodeled the kitchen a while a go and they did a horrible job but in all reality the house is ok as it is other than needing a room and weather proofing -- ive been working on the weatherproofing  a bot at a time


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Very nice photos. I am a dog person. You dog is very relatable. I can imagine a human voice for him.

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she is a spoiled brat lol judith anne is her name i adopted her 4+ yrs ago she is about 7 yrs old.

the cats are florence ( calico) miss missy (black) , maisie (baby)


I like cats also but almost without exception I am allergic to cats. However my sister-in-law had an all white cat with pale green eyes that was deaf was the rare exception.

He was an exceptional cat an loved to play/hide my hair scrunchIes behind a high cabinet. His name was Creep, very fitting,lol.

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