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Retired lawyer Elizabeth Hall, 65, of Mount Kisco, New York regrets voting for Mr Trump in 2016, calling her decision "the biggest mistake of my life".

in Politics by (3,932,561 points)

4 Answers

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Maybe he is better liked than Clinton but with trump and his cronies cheating their way back to the White House, Putin will win again 

by (2,971,010 points)
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Biden has a better chance.  He is a male, Hillary was a female.  The electorate is very afraid of strong, smart, women.  Strangely, even the female electorate.  But women seem to like old white guys.  They voted for trump and are switching to biden.  May e because he is even older.  Lol.

I read a poll that shows trump is leading with uneducated white guys, probably mostly in the south with hoods, and is doing well with Latinos.  I wonder what the average latino murderer and rapist see in him.  Hillary actually had better support from black people.  Less so for biden.  

But overall, trump loses before putin votes.  Of course china is voting for biden so we will have to see who has more votes.

by (1,475,090 points)
The fact is Biden has nothing to run on.  He is clearly mentally ill and real American citizens do not want a socialist country.  Trump will win back the house as well.  She and Biden are very corrupt and both have sold our country out for their personal gain.  

I think Biden has a better chance than Hillary.  I've always though Trump got a LOT of anti-Hillary votes in 2016.  Of course, those won't exist this time.  Also, people in 2016 did not really know about him much, now they do.  Biden will be getting the "anti" votes this time, not Trump.  

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I think he has a better chance than Hillary, but that doesn’t instill a lot of confidence in me. He could still lose. 

by (2,381,030 points)

He will, he is so mentally gone that he’s even voting for Trump.  Trump not only in a landslide but he is getting the house back as well and the Scott will be conservative for 20 yrs

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Really dumb article.  There will always be people who change.  You can never please anyone and you see it here Biden will never be president.  He is mentally ill.  And a lot of people hate Harris who is a fraud and go to where she is in a very questionable way

by (240 points)

So then, why is Biden leading in all polls?

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