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7 Answers

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Currently nothing.

Used to have it covered in important stuff.  But the thing died a few weeks ago.  Long story, but we finally got a new one.  Gleaming stainless steel.  We have not had the heart to clutter it up yet.  Also it is a double door, so there is less actual room for stuff.  Two sets of handles 

Looks like an operating room. Lol.

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i have one of those double door freezer on the bottom drawer ones.  bronze colored, thought id like it - i dont i prefer the old regular fridge 

i have all my mothers magnets from her house before she died.--bingo themed, and a tiny mr coffee pot magnet- you can take the pot out i do not know how its never been lost in like 45 years

i have lots of magnets that look like business cards from dr's chiro, vet, dog trainer, etc

i have the trash/ recycle/ leaf pick up schedule

a blank piece of paper for shopping list

i have 4 jeans back pockets with magnets on the back for holding coupons, markers etc

on top of the fridge is a card board box with the xmas tree cause my daughter refuses to put it in the basement and i just left it up there lol

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I have: coupon for dog food, a voting information sheet on where I vote, my late Aunt Amy's magnet with "Amy's kitchen" on it, and a receipt for a Viet- Namese restaurant that I must go back to for Pho. 

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I have some wooden painted crosses from Costa Rica, Nicaragua with magnets on the back. A few magnets with Hibiscus flowers on them in different colors. A smallish grease board you can write on with erasable markers. A small holder on one side for business cards from landscapers, plumbers etc.

It looks ok but is due for a seasonal purge!

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About 200 magnets and 56,000 pictures of children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, etc.  I don't even know who some of them are.  You could show me one some day if I'm out shopping, and I'd say, "who's that?" because I wouldn't recognize the picture.  I'm a bad person...

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A small calendar, a note pad, and about a bazillion magnets with goofy sayings on them. One of my favorites is one that says “Does my fat ass make my ass look fat?” 

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Nothing. I'm a minimalist type of guy.

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