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Repeat after me dirt bags. Fill that seat!

in Politics by (3,929,021 points)

3 Answers

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Well a bunch of uneducated braindead are being exploited by a master con man. 

They say he was sent from heaven, so was fricking Lucifer 

by (2,969,590 points)
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Well, I have decided not to despair yet. We sane people have a few options. 

If Democrat Mark Kelly wins in Arizona’s special election - which is a good bet - he would be in place to assume his Senate duties before the November election. That would allow him a vote if a Supreme Court justice is nominated. And he will absolutely vote “No” to confirmation. Added to his “No” vote, a while back Alaska’s Independent Senator Lisa Murkowski has pledged to NOT confirm a justice if one is nominated before the election, because she said it would be “unfair” seeing what happened in Merrick Garland’s situation. If we could get 2 more GOP senators to do the right thing, the justice would not be confirmed. 

And secondly, if a justice is confirmed and the Democrats win in November, we can  - and probably will - increase the size of the Supreme Court  to 11 or 13 and “pack the court” with justices of our choice. This was tried by FDR and rejected as improper. But after the GOP literally stole a seat on the court from Obama, this option would no longer be improper, but NECESSARY to show that cheating will have consequences. 

by (2,379,150 points)

That special election is November 3.  Most likely, nomination will be made and confirmed by then. :-(


Then we must pack the court.


I disagree with that concept.  FDR tried it, and fortunately, he was unable to expand the court to 11 justices so that he could get favorable rulings.

The next Republican will add 10 more justices and then say, "Well, YOU did it... it's our turn"  ... and the Supreme Court will forever be another political tool.  We survived bad justices as a country before, and we'll do that now.

And who knows?  One of the new justices might actually realize he can't be fired, so he'll make "just" decisions... 

............ for me............. hope springs eternal...............


I disagreed with it until the GOP cheated and stole Obama’s appointment. Now the gloves should come off. Last presidential election the Dems’ motto was “When they go low, we go high” and look where it got us. We have got to stop pretending that the GOP is going to do the right thing. 

+2 votes

Have you seen pictures of Trump golfing? That man knows how to "fill that seat."

by (769,410 points)

He is a humongous ass.


Literally AND figuratively. 

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