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Because some far-right wing politician in Europe somewhere nominated him. Probably for his ability to turn the US fascist in less than 4 years...

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Some right wing norwegian nominated him.  Same guy nominated him the last time.

It has been a weird year, he might get it.

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For his work with immigrants, efforts to stop climate change, and worlds fastest response to Covid-19. He's also done more for ethnic minorities, the LGBT community and equality for women than any other president.

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Ahh yeah, that explains it. Thanks.


Blue is talking about that other Trump in that other universe -  that alternate reality where Mr Spock has a beard. 

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AND... truth be told... the Nobel Committee neither confirms nor denies any nominations for the Peace Prize.  They started with some rather strict guidelines about who could nominate, but through the years, they have loosened those guidelines considerably.  Eventually, it came down to ANY elected official can make a Peace Prize nomination.  Trump could have had his buddy Nunez or his good friend and romantic liaison, Lindsey Graham, nominate him. HOWEVER, the nominations are not released for... ready? .... 50 years.  At that point, no one cares who was nominated. Only the winner is announced by the committee.

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The question is, whom did he pay? If it was the same people or person that tried it about a year or two ago, then obviously they want more money. Ha! I thought these Nobel prize s were supposed to be under very strict regulations about who is nominated. Obviously not and it erodes trust in what used to be a highly regarded committee if judges. 

   Trump has been doing everything he can to outdo Obama in just about anything, and I guess it includes Obama's receiving his Novel prize when he was president. Anything to make him look more appealing for November. 

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