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ONE of the three officers in the Breonna Taylor case gets charged with wanton endangerment. Not for the bullets that killed her, but for the bullets entering a White neighbor's apartment. 

I just got word on the ground level a Louisville PD officer was shot during the protests. Can't confirm yet but it is getting REAL ugly right now. 

While I'm not condoning violence, it seems to be the only understood language. A settlement and some laws changed without a conviction is no justice. 

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3 Answers

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I couldn’t effing believe that. It’s unimaginable and disgusting. And they wonder why violence breaks out? So did Marie Antoinette... 

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No justice, No peace.

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The law does not protect non white people in America. Now we're all supposed to say we do not condone violence and destruction of property because it apparently puts us above "them".

Now, no one will face justice for the death of an unarmed black woman but those who shot police officers will face years in prison and if one of the shot officers die, possible death penalty.

No justice, no peace right enough.

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The laws are there - they’re just not applied the same to minorities as they are to white people. And that’s almost worse than not having laws at all.  The laws, justice and punishment are equal in theory - we just make sure we apply them differently to different groups of people and pretend that is “equality.” 


Don't give the police guns only for extreme circumstances. Problem solved. Tasers can be lethal as well.

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