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+2 votes

"Drinking alcohol won't prevent or cure covid-19 "

Oh yeah right it just makes you not give a f bleep

in Diet and Health by (2,969,990 points)

3 Answers

+1 vote

Alcohol and drugs are one of the three main ways people cope with the worst things in life. The other two are sleep and death.

by (3,929,501 points)
+1 vote

Neither does binge-eating pizza. I tried it...

by (2,379,230 points)
+1 vote

I wonder how they know that for sure.  Have there been double blind trials testing various levels of alcohol in the blood?  I think it has at least as good of a chance as hydroclorquin.  Spent billions testing that.  

by (1,474,230 points)

All I know is the last time I got tested I had too much blood in my alcohol stream.


I am keeping my alcohol level up.  Until it is proven to be false, it seems like it is working so far.  Keeps me from getting bitten by a snake too.

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