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4 Answers

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It’s wasted space that could be filled up with more donut! We should pass a law...

by (2,461,420 points)
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You need the hole.  It is for letting the hot oil get to all of the donut dough equally.  Without it, the outside would be overcooked by the time the center is cooked.  When people do that they inject some sort of filling inside, i.e. Bismark to hide the poor cooking.  The holes can be cooked separately.

Why are they called bismarks anyway?

by (1,550,590 points)

That’s a great question!  We called them bismarcks when I was a kid but everyone says “jelly donuts” now. 

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some people put hula hoops on every finger, I do the same with doughnuts. The hole is like the whole get me?

by (3,034,860 points)
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This whole discussion deserves a moment of holy reflection...

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