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Whats the score with this? If you received a letter inviting you to vote by post but you didn't ask for it, what's stopping you from ignoring it and voting in person?

Why is that big fat orange man shouting 


I get UNSOLICITED mail all the time,that's why I've got a shredder 

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5 Answers

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As he said the other day, it's always something.

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He’s a flipping retard. That’s why he says most of what he says! 

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The dumpster is down on places like Washington where I live because the state sends every voter a ballot wether we want one or not.  Unsolicited.  This terrifies the idiot.  I don't know why. 

Maybe because he is an idiot.

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The only unsolicited mail is the kind I get from HIM, when I have never in my life gotten unwanted mail from any president. That, and his ads popping up on my phone telling me Biden is bad for the the country. If Biden is bad, he is a total nightmare come to life. 

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Some states are sending out mail-in ballot applications (not ballots themselves) to registered voters.  In other states, which have had mail-in voting only for 20+ years, the ballots themselves are sent out to the registered voters.

In Pennsylvania, you have to request a ballot either online or in person.

I requested my ballot a long time ago, and it will be in my mailbox in a day or two.  However, I'm thinking I may not use it.  The Trumpster is going to look at the results of the in-person balloting ONLY on election day (November 3) which, according to the surveys I've seen, will lean heavily Republican.  (Republicans are the "I don't need a friggin' mask; I have my FREEDOM; so I'm gonna spread the virus and vote in person!!!"   Democrats are the "Well, if I can vote safely without standing in line for 2 or more hours and not have to stand near Covidiots and mask holes, why not send in my ballot by mail?")

So... I think I might just put on my N-95 mask, my face shield, take a folding chair and my Kindle, and vote in person, just to keep the results a tiny bit less Republican on November 3.

On the other hand, I might just send it in and not worry about the Trumpster fire that will happen no matter what I do.

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I also sent in an application for the mail in ballot and will get it soon. I'm not sure if I'll go in person, I'm leaning to go just to make sure and not have the ballot " lost" somewhere as happened in some states. Yes, really incredible. I don't trust our voting system since 2016. 


Oh, I trust the SYSTEM... but what WILL HAPPEN is that Trump will declare victory at the end of the night on November 3 if he has a lead at that time, and he'll claim without evidence (as he has been doing all along) that the mail-ins are fraudulent and cannot be counted, and he'll order the balloting closed and will declare victory.  I have a shiny new quarter to bet on this if anyone wants to take me up on it.


Do you think he has the authority to do that while people in the west are still voting? I think the House would be in an uproar. I am counting on those mail in ballots for those who obviously can't go in to vote. 

   I'm not one who trusts the system for many reasons. Did you know Kennedy really did not win the presidency in '60? That was bought. 


At the end of the day on November 3, if the polls close up after the in-person balloting, and if the returns show that Trump has "won" the in-person balloting (before the mail-in votes are counted), then I think he will declare the election won, the mail-in ballots fraudulent, and he will claim four more years as President.

Once the mail-in ballot are tallied, the results will be far different, as most mail-in ballots have been requested by Democrats.


I agree with you Media.  I'm voting in person for that reason.  He plans to take it to the courts, that's part of why he's so eager to get his girl confirmed.


You're absolutely right on that count.

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