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I really want to know what are the type of foods that will relieve from constipation?

in Diet and Health by (4,950 points)

4 Answers

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by (3,929,501 points)
+2 votes

Foods rich in fiber 

Make sure to move/exercise to get things moving

Apple cider helps too

by (503,150 points)
+2 votes

OTC stool softener is the most immediate relief.

For Foods it’s mostly individual in nature.

Creamed corn

Greens - Spinach,Salad,green apple

Prunes- or prune juice microwaved to a heated but drinkable temperature

Coffee - drank asap after awakening usually 2 cups.

Sometimes more importantly it’s what you are eating. Large amounts of bread and or cheese products can cause a problem.

Pain medication - Oxycodone can really muck things up.

Keeping hydrated helps - Make sure throughout the day you are pushing your water intake!

by (758,530 points)
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lots of fiber foods

fiber bran flakes







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