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The flu might actually not be to bad this winter. Less people becoming infected?

My GP surgery  sent a text today that we can't attend the surgery for our flu jab, we will get a letter with a date, time and location to attend.

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3 Answers

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You have to be around people to catch the flu.  So, it is reasonable to expect that those staying away, washing their hands and wearing a mask might be less likely to contract the flu.

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It’s hard to tell, Belle.

Many Americans in my neck of the woods are antivaxers in regards to the flu, pneumonia and shingles vaccines!

Many who became ‘ill’ after one of these vaccines are certain the vaccine caused it.

Then there are people such as myself who believe in transmission of bacteria and viruses and take any vaccines we are eligible for.

I was using hand sanitizers years ago.

I believe for those who do increased hand washing, sanitizing and mask wearing will see reduced illnesses.

But as time wears on people tire and resent these daily inconveniences and let down on social distancing and hygiene.

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Huh, I took my flu shot Friday at my PCP’s office.

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