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The president was diagnosed just last week. Was it on Thursday, Friday?  And today he is being released from the hospital. 

      Three questions. When Boris Johnson became ill, how long was he in the hospital for? Why isn't it taking Trump the same amount of time to recover?  

     Do you think his illness is a hoax as he has called everything else he doesn't agree with a hoax, and now can come back as a superman and say, "Look at me, I beat the virus, I can beat anything and am as healthy as a horse, now you know who to vote for! "

    I have a relative and a close friend who both had the illness for at least 3 weeks, in the hospital. A friend whose 2 elderly relatives died from it. Trump must have been given the golden medication in a secret cabinet held just for him? 

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5 Answers

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He lies about everything. So the natural conclusion is he's lying again. He admitted lying about the virus so people wouldn't panic and his doctor has admitted doing the same.

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I am not surprised, if it turns out he wasn't sick. Only the medical staff would actually know for sure. 

   Bill Barr, who is so arrogant and won't follow guidelines in public, needs to get sick to teach him a lesson. 


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He might be faking it.  Judging by the various stories that have come out, they cannot seem to get their story straight.

But he does have the best medical care that our money can buy.  He gets oxygen when needed, he gets experimental medication, he gets all of the latest treatments that seem to work, all of the hydroxacloriquin that he wants, and a staff of thousands to wait on him.

He does seem to have infected everyone around him.  Too bad barr isn't sick.

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Everything that comes out of this WH is a lie. This might be one too. 
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The last I heard he was on a drug only used for the critically ill. 

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Yes I just read about that.  Only those who are really sick were given it. Hmmm.

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At least your leader showed some semblance of humility by being holed up in his own flat. Here, it seems Trump's cult are trying to make him look like some God or Hollywood star that needs the best treatment possible


I just read that Fox "news" are bashing Biden because he has no first hand knowledge of covid-19.

I have no first hand knowledge of it either but I know I dont want it 

Boris has no humility, he is a bag of shit. He is not my leader, I dont support British parties.


 Biden has no knowledge of Covid19?  Well, they need to review the times Trump pretended he knew all about it, and said it would go away soon. Fox News needs to look at both sides of the issue. 

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