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4 Answers

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*I* don't...  because of HIM

by (770,650 points)
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It’s a likely new feeling for a man who hasn’t taken a steroid before.

For us who have immune illnesses realize this “greater than normal feeling.” The feeling maintains as long as you are on the steroids regardless of the type.

Coming off or tapering off I should say leaves the patient feeling a reversal depending on how long they stay *on* the medication.

Had Trump sequester in the White House not taking questions and only then *written ones* you all would have diagnosed him a malignant brain eating disease so infectious that a mere look from him could have infected you! Lol!

by (758,370 points)

Dude. He's virtually saying get Covid-19, you'll feel great.


Umm, he’s saying he feels great. Dude, He’s on steroids! Lol!


Umm, it's all about the message you're sending out dude.


Actually, I can understand his strategy.  As President of the United States, he needs to put forth the image of health, vitality, and strength.  This assures the country and the world that he is fine and well capable of continuing his ability to run this country.  For national security purposes, it is a necessary "white lie" that he has to tell.  

Oh, would that that were true...

It's one thing to put on the brave face and tell America, "Hey, it was a struggle for a little while, but I'm fine now," but it's completely something else to say, "Hey, this Covid thing is not all that bad.  I had it and now I'm over it.  Don't even worry about getting it.  We're doing a great job!"  

It's one thing to get seriously ill and pretend that everything is all right just so the public doesn't panic.  But when you do that, and the VP, Pence, who SHOULD be under quarantine, staying isolated, and preparing to fulfill his duties as VP should the President become unable to function as President, decides to continue on with his life of socializing "normally."  How irresponsible.  It's as if the administration believes if they just say "everything is fine" enough times, then they really don't have to do anything.  It's as if they are actually believing their own B.S.

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Wait until the steroids wear off.  After my last surgery, I felt great for a week, then felt Like I had been run over.  

by (1,474,670 points)

They’ll keep him on steroids thru all the rest of the debates.

Lucky for him Biden shot down a test to discern the meds they take, making that a moot point.

If Biden suggested a drug test and Trump shut it down, the Lame Stream media would have been apoplectic!

He’s most likely using Heroin,taking Viagra or Adderal!


Yeah, it's all about the steroids. We are talking about a man that has repeatedly down-played the virus. This is just more of the same. Don't be afraid. Yeah okay.


But Biden *wouldn’t* ask for a drug test. It’s a stupid, unnecessary idea. Trump was just doing what he does - coming up with nonsense to distract from his own disastrous performance. 


That man is still infectious and he walked into the WH maskless..

This doesn't make him strong, it makes him an A grade asshole.

He just may have infected someone who could die.

Dear lord I hope people don't follow his example.


Why does the radical right refer to "Lame stream" media.  Their tiny much minds think it is cute?  Or diminishes them somehow?  You never hear normal people talk about the out of stream media of the far right.  Or the lying news?  Or the propaganda rag?

Anyway, viagra is not a steroid, although I am pretty sure he takes it anytime he gets the chance to get his tiny penis near a woman.  Hope could probably tell us.  Heroin is also not a steroid.  It is a hard drug.  I doubt that he takes that.  Even his tiny addled brain probably knows better.  

Adderal is also not a steroid, and he has been taking it for years.    Or so it has been reported.  The Drs won't say what they gave him.  The one stuff that they acknowledged gives people visions of grandeur.  That is true. 


Yet his Dr Conley claimed in a news conference the President was no longer shedding cells( ie contagious)

The Drs. words not mine


Umm. His Dr's are being told what to say. Lol!


Dr Conley is an osteopath - not exactly a real doctor. 


His doctor is like the rest of his acolytes are strangers to the truth.

We have been around this virus for 7 months, I think we know that no one recovers after 3 days, not even Il Duce Fatso


Actually, no one knows how long he has had it.  He lies about being tested a lot and no one has been able to produce the last test date.  So he could have been spreading it for a week before he tested positive.  That makes it more likely that he is really over it.

Or, he really faked it.  But all of the people around him has it.  Isn't it strange that there are no updates about melania.

+2 votes

I can't  tell you how angry I am with this prick. He signed himself out of hospital for pure propaganda reasons and walked in to the WH mask less putting innocent peoples lives at risk.

Now it turns out he had had a positive test before he was lying with "fox news" Hannity and was waiting on the results of a second test.

Now he got the best care in the world, how much does it cost the guy selling hot dogs for that care?

Mark my words, someone will die from his circle. 

by (2,970,410 points)

Maybe Hannity will be next. I don’t wish him harm, but if it shuts him up for a week I wouldn’t complain. 

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