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would you be intimated by an aggressive, unsubmissive, independent, hardworking woman? she wants you but doesn't need you...would that make you run and not approach her, what if she approached you, would you tell her no?

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No of course not.  I am intimidated by beautiful women.  Don't know why.  But otherwise, your description sounds like a guy.  Guys don't scare me. A guy might suggest that we go out drinking, fishing, hiking, or even lunch and I would go.  During the course of the activity, I might find that we have nothing in common, or I don't like his personality, or his attitude and we might never see each other again, or only occasionally.  

I would never tell anyone no, if they showed interest.  Of course that has never happened to me, but I would be flattered.

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I’m not a man, but I know lots of them. Some of them would be intimidated by the woman you describe and some wouldn’t. I think “aggressive” might be off-putting to others regardless of gender,  but “assertive” would not be. 

A confident guy who’s comfortable in his own skin would probably be fine with a woman who was the same way. 

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I'm very laid-back. Yes, aggressive I wouldn't want but independent I would not have a problem with. In fact I have been told to be a bit more demanding.

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Mystic, have you met my partner and mother of our Twins?  Therein lies your answer.

I prefer women with a backbone, opinions etc.  What you describe is what I have always dated and usually slept with. Now the other type I have slept with and discarded.

Now what is you question?

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No, I wouldn't be intimidated.  Presuming I were available to respond to being "wanted," I would respond not to the glands, necessarily, but to the whole package.  I'm not much of a "sex for sex's sake" kind of person.  There has to be an emotional involvement, etc., not just a physical involvement.

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Well said, and I am very much the same way. 

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If she aggressively wants me I'm all for it. 

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Aggressive or assertive? 

While I'm not one for sword fighting with a dildo, I married an assertive woman. So the answer is a resounding NO.

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