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That is what Trump weighs. At 6'3", that puts his at a BMI of 40.2.  Anything over 30 is considered obese. 

in Diet and Health by (969,850 points)

5 Answers

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Too many burgers.

by (3,929,501 points)

He doesn't look that heavy. He's tall as well, so it hides it a little. 

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He used to be 6' 3" , but isn't any more.  Old people shrink if they are healthy.  I am not healthy and am down about 2 inches.   The way he stands, it is hard to tell.  Chest out, ass out to counter balence.  He probably is wearing lifts.  High heels do that to people.  On women we usually like the result.

 He could easily weigh over 3 hundred.  I think he wears a corset with his suit.  I think that is why he sometimes cannot breathe.  Sometimes he doesn't look fat.  But pictures of him golfing show an old fat guy.

by (1,474,230 points)
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Are you serious? Holy shit! LMAO! 

by (2,379,230 points)
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After his last physical, which is not all that long ago, he was listed at 6' 3" and 244 pounds, which means he is obese, as he was last year.

The currently-circulating meme about his weight being over 300 pounds is not true.

by (769,610 points)

Isn’t Snopes an unreliable left-wing fake news lying site that can’t be trusted? Oh wait, that’s only when they fact-check Trump and confirm he is lying... 


____(Name the site)____  is owned and controlled by liberal interests bankrolled by George Soros and/or Bill Gates and is part of the Fake Media and anyone who believes a single syllable published by this site has been drinking the liberal socialist communist radical anarchist antifa Kool Aid.  Instead, they should be reading RELIABLE sources that have the TRUTH like Alex Jones, Breitbart, OAN network, and others.


Looks like the radical left need to go on a diet.


[According to the results of his latest physical, Trump weighs 244 pounds, and is 6 feet, 3 inches tall.]

    This was his last physical, which was, I forget when but I think was about a year ago. He does look heavier now. 

    322 pounds may not be right, but Media, I had a boyfriend who was 6'4", one inch taller, weighed 220, and looked MUCH slimmer than Trump. If he is considered obese according to his BMI and Snopes says he was, then he has to be over 240. Just looking at him on television he looks heavier than that although to be fair, people are said to appear heavier on tv than what they actually are. 



Oh, I believe he outweighs his official 244 weight.  But I'd put him at about 280.

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His rotund lying sack of shit brain protrudes past his belly

by (1,179,150 points)
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