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This is NOT a homework question.

in Diet and Health by (3,930,601 points)

9 Answers

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There IS no science. That's based on his stupidity and arrogance. :/

by (971,020 points)
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Superman needs no mask, its a real shame covid-19 isn't Kryptonite

by (2,970,410 points)
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It's his POLITICAL science that tells him that by not wearing a mask and by flouting all the scientific recommendations, he can do whatever the hell he wants to do.  

The man truly believes that "Whatever I believe is true; whatever I decide is the best decision that can be made."

by (770,650 points)
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What Media and GB said. 

by (2,380,350 points)
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Idiots don't need masks.  It is a proven fact that stupidity protects you.  Besides he is an old man, with a lot of underlying conditions and will probably die soon anyway, and no one really cares if he dies.  Besides it is a hoax. 

by (1,474,670 points)
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I just found this short video  and it may explain the psychological science behind what and why Trump feels about the pandemic the way he does. From an author who worked with Trump's scripts on The Art of the Deal. What he says makes so much sense. 

by (971,020 points)

My Dad thought he could tough-out cancer. By the time he was forced to go to hospital by my Mother it was too late. My brother recently said on Facebook he would be quite happy to walk into a Covid-19 hospital ward without a mask. People love macho bullshit.


Wow, that is something about how people want to outdo illnesses. I believe in the power of healing but you need to work along with science too. Your brother should not be so confident! 

   It makes sense how Trump thinks of the illness as another enemy, one that he's fighting desperately in order to win the election. So promising that these guys feel Trump will def lose in Nov. 3 weeks away! 


Some good analysis in that video. It is interesting what might be going on inside that head.

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no he just lost too many brain cells from his arrogant self

by (4,920 points)
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Well, if anyone wants to look at the reality behind the people who say that masks don't necessarily work...

Now, I will admit that I haven't watched that particular video and the studies that I looked into months ago I cannot find again.  I'm also not saying that masks do not work *at all,* just that they're not the safety measure that they've been made out to be. What's worse, they are specifically referring to the medical masks.  In comparison, the majority of these cloth masks are like trying to catch plankton with a fishing net.  Sure, you'll catch some on the ropes but the vast majority will get through.  

by (20,720 points)

Hey, you didn't ask for a guaranteed, you asked for the "science."  I provided, though I am enjoying the read you linked.  :)


I've found that all you've got to do is look at the author or the person posting the comment.


I'm not sure how I'm supposed to take that considering I haven't posted anything in years.  I was at least trying to add to the conversation. 


I'm just sharing my experience.

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He has access to the very best health care and antibiotics, in comparison to the average American. Quite arrogant. 

by (1,179,150 points)
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