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A few days ago I had this stinging feeling on the abdomen and back. My sister and sister in law both had it once before and I remember them saying they had a painful rash all over a side of their body. I'm glad I remembered that and called them to ask for their symptoms, because the doctor saw the rash and said that's what it is. 

  So I'm taking meds that will hopefully make it disappear sooner. So far it feels like a sunburn but my back is very sore, witth a dull ache that is part of it. 

   Ever had them? It can be very painful from what my sister said. 

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5 Answers

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I’m so sorry, Amy. I hope the meds work well and you’re healed quickly. 

I had shingles about 20 years ago - they itch and hurt like hell! I had them all around my body, right under my bra-line. Very uncomfortable! It’s common for cancer patients to get shingles because chemo and radiation compromise their immune systems. I was undergoing chemo when I had them. Luckily when I called my doctor and described my symptoms, he told me to come in immediately and he started me on medication. I was over them in a few days. 

I hope your experience with shingles is as short-lived as mine was. 

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Thank you!  It started the same way as yours, below the bra line, but I only feel a stinging there and a rash is on the side of my belly button. I'm hoping it won't be as bad as people say! So far I've taken the meds since yesterday and it's not been too bad except for a dull ache in the back and what feels like a mild sunburn there too.  Will keep you posted. 

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Sorry to hear that Amy. Get well soon. I had Chicken Pox as an adult, really knocked me about.

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Thanks Blue!

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Ah yes.  Been there done that.

I had a pretty mild case.  Blisters on my rib cage just below my breasts.  About the bra line if guys wore bras.  I still have the marks.  Unfortunately, by the time I got in to see a doctor, he said all he could do was offer thoughts and prayers.  I took Lysine.  It seemed to help.  I could not have anything against my skin.  No shirts, sheets, anything.

My cousin had a much worse case.  It took her six months to get over it.  Good luck.

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Below the bra line or chest is where it seems to begin. Yes, it's  tough on the skin. I think the sooner you catch it and are able to treat it, definitely will result in a faster recuperation. Hope so anyway! Your poor cousin-- six months!! :(


They have a vaccine for it.  Only 80 percent or so effective. It is possible to get shingles more than once, since it is the chicken pox virus already in you.  I got the vaccine after I recovered.


My sister told me today that her son helped develop that vaccine at Merck, where he once worked. Now there is a newer one called Shingrix, like Media said. I hope to get it, as much as I don't like needles. 


I have had both.  Hopefully one will work.  I got shingles when I was about 55. 


I didn't know it was contagious either.  Do you know how long I am contagious for? 


It isn't really contagious.  Shingles is the second part of the small pox virus.  You catch small pox, get over it but the virus doesn't die it just hides until you get older, then triggered by something, it comes back as shingles. 


Ah, that nurse practitioner I saw said it was contagious. But what you're saying makes sense. In any event I have had it for more than 5 or 6 days so at this point I feel I can have company. Thanks, Well. 

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Anyone who has had chicken pox carries the shingles virus for the rest of their lives.

Mrs Media and I both got the shingles vax years ago.  About 18 months ago, I got the newer Shingrix vaccine (it comes in two stages, a few months apart.)  She did not.

In January of last year, she had a shingles outbreak. It started on her scalp over her right eye and ran backwards over her head and then started creeping its way down her forehead towards her eye, which is quite dangerous and may even cause blindness if not caught in time.

It lasted at a very painful level for a couple of weeks; she got medication right away, so that was a good thing. 

Once the shingles retreated, which took several months (even now she will occasionally get a twitch), she got the newer Shingrix vaccine. We were unaware that the older vaccine wears off after about 15-20 years.  The newer vaccine is a "must have" treatment.  As soon as you can, get it.

Best wishes in the meantime for full remission.

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I have heard about it occuring in the face and eyes. Scary to know it can cause blindness. Are twitches a sign of them? Because I had been having twitches about a week or more prior to getting them. They say stress will also bring it in or make them worse. 

   Didn't know about the vaccine. I should get it done. 


Yes to stress.  I don't know about twitching.  She had some serious itching and irritation first.

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Im sorry you have shingles Amy, I've never had it but I've been told its really painful.

My Mum had it on her face and she looked like she had been hit by a bus.

Get well soon.

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Thanks Belle. My sister had it worse than my sister-in-law. From what they say it was very painful, yes. I feel like a md sunburn in the back and so far it hasn't itched. Hoping meds are slowing it down. 

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